Calle Ibiza nº1, 1ªPlanta Derecha, 28009, Madrid


Law Firm

Founded by professionals coming from reputed law firms and multinational companies capable to provide integrated legal advice with strategic view and impact on customers results proximity state of art and personalized services which optimize executed solutions.

- Experience of the Associates

- Managed cases

Local companies, Multinationals and Public Sector

- Madrid Headquarters

National and International Projects

- Entrepreneurial Approach

High quality services exciding customers expectatives

Global Legal Advisory

We propose the widest range of legal services aligned among them in order to cover if necessary integrated needs of our clients

Performance Oriented

We analyse risks, impacts and returns of the proposed services with the possibility of calculation of credit prior to the decision making

Talent and Experience

Providing solidity in the services we offer and execute while distinguishing ourselves by understanding the business cases of our customers

Eijure Digital

We help and propose legal departments and companies to face new challenges and sophisticated solutions that align with corporate digital strategy as well as advice on regulatory changes.

“Our law firm has collaboration agreements with technological integrators as well as with systems companies that support and complement our value proposal in the clients’ digitalization processes.”